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Laser Cutting, Punching, and Stamping

If you’re looking for a laser cutting service provider, look no further. Dimar Manufacturing uses fully automated machines to maximize productivity, minimize manufacturing costs, and speed up delivery for our customers.

Our Current Laser Cutting Machines

Dimar Manufacturing continuously invests in the best laser-cutting technology. Both our CO2 and fiber optic laser cutting systems, feature a flying optics configuration and precise motion control system that ensure close tolerance and repeatable cutting accuracy.

  • Mitsubishi EXF-30 Fiber Optic Laser (Industry’s fastest cutting speed per kilowatt!)
  • Mitsubishi MML3015LV Plus II CO2 Laser System

Laser Cutting System Capacities

Laser cutting system capacities allow for the efficient processing of diverse materials and thicknesses while ensuring precision and versatility in handling whatever design requirements a customer requests.

  • Cuts steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and other materials
  • 60” X 120” large sheet capacity
  • 24/7 “Lights Out” Unattended Operation

Laser Cutting Benefits

Laser cutting offers a ton of benefits, including increased efficiency thanks to automation, and is perfect for industrial applications. Here are a few of the other benefits:

  • High accuracy and precision cuts
  • Lower lead times
  • Lower costs
  • Built for complexity
  • Higher sheet metal utilization
  • Versatile cutting abilities

Need A Laser Cutter?

Our team works directly with customer-submitted drawings in a variety of file formats for fast and easy setup. Request a quote.

Punching & Stamping Services

Dimar Manufacturing also specializes in metal forming processes such as punching and stamping.

Metal Punching Machines

Our CNC punching machine allows us to structure designs that improve the production process of cut sheet metal.

Current Punch Machine

  • Amada Vipros 358 King CNC Turret Punch Machine
  • Piranha 120 Ton Iron Worker

Capabilities of Punching Machine

  • 58 Tool Stations
  • 33 Ton
  • Materials up to .250” Thick
  • In-press countersinking
  • Louver Tooling
  • 1200 hits per minute

Other Punching, Forming & Cutting Services

  • Shear Cutting (Up to 12’ wide and .375” Thick)
  • Plasma Cutting

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The combination of our experience and state-of-the-art technology allows to help you with even the most complex manufacturing challenges.
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