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Machine Bases and Platforms

Custom machine bases, platforms and skid buildouts and finishing.

Dimar Manufacturing offers fabrication services for machine bases, platforms and skids up to 11’ wide and 20’ long.

Customize Your Next Build

We take pride in customizing each base, platform, or skid to suit a customer’s need. Here’s more information on each of the products.

Machine Bases

Our machine bases offer a great support system for tools for heavy machinery equipment like milling machines. We specialize in bases with uprights for holding nitrogen stacks / generators.


This is a great option for those looking to place heavy equipment, stay within a certain budget and maintain efficiency. Our skids can also incorporate platforms for a turn-key solution. The key benefits of metal skids include:

  • Low production costs
  • Reliable quality


Platforms are great to free up extra space in your workspace. We design each platform so that it’s unique to each customer’s application.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels are perfect for any of your renewable energy campaigns.

In-House Finishes For Applications

If your platform or skid requires a powder-coated or painted finish, we offer both services in-house.

Industries We Serve

Materials Used

  • Carbon
  • Stainless
  • Aluminum
  • Sheet Metal

Machines Used

Custom Request? Reach out to us.

The combination of our experience and state-of-the-art technology allows to help you with even the most complex manufacturing challenges.
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