New Equipment Coming Soon!

Dimar is further expanding our cutting capabilities with the addition of a brand new Amada EML 2515 AJ Laser Turret Combo. This will be equipped with ASR 3015 NTK Automation System – providing fully automated raw material to stacked product in one system. This machine will combine multiple operations for streamlined production and cost reductions. Fiber Optic cutting technology allows for faster cut speeds than traditional CO2 laser cutting

Machine/Automation Features:

  • Full Auto Load/Unload
  • Combines cutting and 3D forming in one high speed operation
  • 24/7 Lights Out
  • 60” X 120” Sheet Capacity
  • 3Kw Fiber Laser System
  • Better quality form with scratch free processing
  • 8 Shelf Automation for part picking/separation
    • 60” x 120” capacity
Amada EML 2515 AJ Laser Turret Combo

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