Dimar Manufacturing To Expand Operations In Clarence, New York

Dimar Manufacturing is excited to announce that we are the first company to sign a contract for a new 55,000 sq. ft. building in a brand-new manufacturing park off of Research Parkway in Clarence, NY. The official address will be 4280 Research Parkway.

The new building will allow Dimar Manufacturing to double the space with a new $6.4 building.

With this growth, Dimar can expand current capabilities and workload with the region’s most technologically advanced Laser/Punching Combo and Tube Laser Machines.

Lately, with the rise in artificial intelligence, the demand for data center unit fabrication has been on a roll, allowing the company to continue to grow and provide employment for those within the area.

Additionally, this expansion is expected to increase our headcount by 20% in production and administration jobs. The company currently employs about 130 people, which has increased.

The company currently operates out of a facility on Main Street in Clarence and at another facility and on Anderson Road in Buffalo.

In a recent interview with Buffalo Business First, Greg Fry, CEO and co-owner of Dimar, said, ‘”We make a lot of the cooling apparatuses for some of these high-end computer systems and storage facilities [data centers] that are generating a lot of heat…”‘

The new facility, built by Stephen Development, is expected to be completed by April, with a fresh powder coat line and new automated equipment and plant efficiencies. It’s the first facility within the Clarence Solar Industrial Park, which will include several industrial lots and a 9.8-megawatt community solar project.

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