Case Study: Cost Savings Through Engineering Review


This case study will illustrate how we saved one customer thousands of dollars annually through designing a more efficient process utilizing our new Tube Laser – in addition to the cost savings, lead time was cut in half thanks to faster processing speeds.

Dimar has invested in cutting-edge capital equipment to ensure that our customers can remain cost-efficient in an increasingly competitive market – The installation of Dimar’s new BLM LT7 Laser Tube Cutting machine has been a key component in assisting with these cost reduction opportunities.


Our customer approached us looking to reduce cost on a high-volume part that is used in many of their product lines. In order to stay competitive in their market, they asked us to look at designing cost out of these parts without compromising the integrity, fit, form, or function.


The part historically was made in 3 separate pieces – each component was cut on a saw, holes were machined on a CNC mill, and then the pieces were welded together with the assistance of a weld fixture.

Original saw cut design
Original 3-piece Design

Proposed Solutions:

Tube laser technology allows for a much more efficient way of fabrication through the process of “bend cuts” and eliminating the need for secondary drilling operations.

One piece construction made possible by tube laser
Updated Frame Design: “Pie shaped” cuts allow for material to be formed by hand and “self-fixture” for welding


Our customer approached us looking to reduce cost and through an engineering review process, we achieved that and more.

On an order for 100 frames, we were able to save 18.75 hours of total processing time. Switching to the tube laser from saw cutting and drilling saved 14 hours leading to a reduction in both cost and lead time. By using a “self-fixtured” style weldment we saved almost 5 hours in welding time.

Overall, this saved our customers thousands of dollars annually through a very simple process. Dimar can offer you a free Product Analysis of your tubular product to see how much you can save! Contact us today to learn more.

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