The Dimar Manufacturing Approach To Re-Sourcing Overseas Supply Chain

Looking to Domestically Re-Source your Overseas Supply Chain? We can help. Dimar Manufacturing has a unique support program that helps you move offshore risk into a domestically sourced competitive advantage.

Key Elements of Dimar Manufacturing’s Approach

As demonstrated recently with one of our large international industrial customers, the Dimar Manufacturing program can make domestic sourcing of fabrications cost-efficient with a significant reduction in lead times and supply chain risk.

Design Review For Manufacturability

Dimar does not design your products, but our experienced engineers work closely with your engineering team to review your products for suggested changes that enhance cost-effective manufacturing focusing on eliminating non-value added labor.  We also focus on lowering material cost content by suggesting gauge reduction where feasible; as well as possible changes to part configuration that can yield material savings.

Full Arsenal Of Automatic And Robotic Manufacturing Equipment

Dimar continually reinvests in State-of-the-Art automated equipment and processes including:

  • Fiber Optic Flat Laser

This laser features the Industry’s fastest per kilowatt cutting speeds on various materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and other materials. Fastest cutting speed = lowest cost. Robotic load and unloading with 24/7 “lights out” production. No manual labor = lowest cost. (We also have CO2 Laser capacity for those materials and applications which require it.)

  • Fiber Optic Tube Laser With Indexing Head for Tubes, Pipes, Extrusions & Channel

This laser tube cutting machine speeds through cutting operations. With minor adjustments in product design, this laser can reduce or eliminate the need for secondary machining and welding. All of which = reduced cost, quicker throughput and less inventory. Materials: carbon steel, stainless, aluminum, copper, brass, and more.

  • Robotic and Automatic Setup Press Brakes

Our press brakes are programmed in Engineering, so maximum floor time is devoted to actual production. In addition to several CNC press brakes we also feature ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) where the press brake has its own magazine of tooling and uses the part program to automatically set itself up in as little as 2 minutes (saving as much as 30 minutes per setup!)

Additionally, we have Robotic Press Brake Capacity which can be devoted to unattended runs of multi-bend part forming.  All of the above = reduced labor cost content for your products.

  • Automated In-House Powder Coat Line

Powder Coat Finishing is done in-house with an automated line featuring both a robotic application system for high volume runs as well as a manual spray system for short runs and quick color changes. With custom racking systems and over 150 stock colors, our powder coat finishing is cost competitive and offers quick throughput and high quality.

Reduced Material And Purchase Component Costs

Dimar takes an Engineered and Strategic approach to purchasing. We build supplier partnerships that provide competitive costs and the best service. As the largest purchaser of sheet steel in our region, we are able to pass on the most favorable raw material pricing to our customers. We also analyze part nesting to determine if custom-sized sheets of raw material will significantly reduce scrap waste.

Reverse Engineering

This concept applies to lead time and cost as well as product design.  Often through several iterations of virtual team meetings between the Dimar Team and our Customer’s Team we are able to achieve the lead time and cost objectives which make the move back to domestic sourcing a viable option.

In your due diligence to look at options for domestically re-sourcing your overseas supply chain, get in touch with Dimar Manufacturing. Contact us here.  

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