Forming Capabilities

Forming CapabilitiesForming CapabilitiesForming CapabilitiesForming CapabilitiesForming Capabilities

Dimar Manufacturing features a wide variety of forming capabilities covering small precision components through large fabrications up to 14’ long. Depending upon the type of raw material and specific part configuration, thicknesses can be accommodated within a range of .006” through .500” for forming purposes.

Many of our Press Brakes are outfitted with “European Style” tooling that permits flexibility in part design so that a greater range of part configurations can be formed from a single blank rather than multiple pieces; reducing both lead time and part cost.

Our extensive inventory of non-dedicated press brake tooling offers significant opportunities for us to produce your formed part requirements with little or no tooling investment.

Give us the opportunity to review your part forming requirements and to see what cost savings or lead time reductions we can achieve.

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